The strangest thing i ever saw

War, Science, and Philosophy in a Fractured World. So, or so, Washington State. A friend and I were camping for the weekend and drove around much of Saturday looking for an open campground. We eventually found a place where we could park the car, and hike down into a canyon with a nice secluded camping area by a stream.

The strangest thing i ever saw

It wasi was up early for work but the dog had got out and run off down the street so by the time i was ready to leave it was about 5. I had to run to the train station Elizabeth S. It arrived at 6. I immediatly closed my eyes again and drifted off knowing exactly how long I had to go before I reached terminus at Adelaide grand central station to catch an ajoining train.

I woke suddenly in a bit of a panic as the train pulled in to Adelaide not unsual as you know if you ever fell asleep on a train. So, rushing thru the terminal to get a connecting train, since I was late, I bumped into my brother who lived in another suburb but worked at the same place.

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He was having a leisurly breakfast of sausages and stuff at a station diner. So i ask him why he didnt catch our regular connecting train and hes having a nice big slow brekky. He says, He woke an hour early thinking it was later because he dosent use an alarm clock and he got to Adelaide and realised he had plenty of time, and then he asked me why im so early.

Im thinking, geez, stop smoking on the way to work were both late.

The strangest thing i ever saw

But he says no were not its only 6 am and he points out the station clocksure enuff it does indeed say 6 am but im not buying it naturally. The clock has to be stuffed.

So i ask an fella walking by, yup 6am. Now im confused as hell, like "wtf? So does another person, who gives me a weird look. So I left Elizabeth station at 6. Anyway, my brother an I catch a connecting train, and arrive outside work half hour early.

I never figured it out. Incidently, i rang the time recorded service when i got home to check the clocks were right and they were.

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Neither was it changeover day, or anywhere near it, for daylight savings. I dont by abduction, with other people in the train, so it remains a mystery. Has anyone else honestly experienced a similar "time anomaly" that they dont immediatly put down to being abducted by aliens?Absolute oddest thing that ever happened to me that I think would have been a delusion if I hadn't been with someone at the time.

It was around I was with a high school group and we were attending a conference of some sort at Portland State University. Nov 22,  · We are very proud to introduce our new and so far only video for our latest album "Kira and the Kindred Spirits" It is featuring our latest single, "Strangest thing", and we think its quite amazing.

The weirdest thing I ever saw on a CV got my attention for the wrong reasons more than 10 years ago. Over the course of my career I have seen thousands of CVs; long ones, short ones, intentionally funny ones, unintentionally funny ones, ones that have made me sit up and take notice, and ones that have made me slump in my seat and sigh.

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The Weirdest Thing I Have Ever Seen late in the night when I woke up from my bed.I looked at the clock on the table showed eleventh o’clock. I liked to saw stars at that time. So, I opened a window and saw the street in front of my house.

Then, I looked up and saw beautiful stars.

The strangest thing i ever saw

I tried to count it. Sep 10,  · Re: Strangest Thing You Ever Saw at a Poker Table Playing NL at Greektown in Detroit, two players get involved in a hand. One player is on .

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