Sungard case analysis

Described in a ground-up manner, the report presents an all-inclusive overview of the market based on the factors that are expected to have a substantial and measurable impact on the market's developmental prospects over the forecast period. The report analyzes the entire demand and supply chain in the Global Curriculum And Data Management Market and studies the various components. The impact of Porter's five forces on the growth of the market has been also analyzed in the report.

Sungard case analysis

The deal is expected to be completed in the third quarter, and the obvious question is: Even if your institution d'es not currently use any of these products, this buyout should give you something to think about. Recently, there has been a steady flow of news about corporate realignments and changes in ownership to remind us how quickly things can change.

Within the past year, for instance, Oracle www. And customers are still adjusting to the merger of Jenzabar www. In a financial world in which takeovers are often motivated by the desire to achieve economies through radical restructuring or cost-cutting, or where buyers purchase a company because they see the opportunity to quickly sell off assets, customers often have reason to be nervous.

And higher ed customers have an added reason to worry: Running a university or college is not just another vertical market; successful software vendors have taken years to tune their offerings to the special needs and operating culture of the campus.

Understandably, there is always the concern that new owners may not understand the importance of doing business in the native language of academe. Looking at the most recent case, all signs thus far indicate that taking SunGard private will not mean major, immediate changes for higher education customers.

The firm claims it is different from generalist private equity firms because it has a specific industry focus on technology. On the other hand, it also insists it is different from tech-specific venture capital firms by virtue of the large-dollar size of its investments, and its ability to partner with management and to add value to the companies in its portfolio.

Its current investments include Ameritrade www. In order to find out how the merger looks from inside SunGard SCT, and from those who understand the special needs of higher education and how those needs might be affected by a larger corporate and investment involvement, we spoke with Andy Cooley, senior vice president of Marketing at SunGard SCT.

The Silver Lake people see tremendous synergies between institutional missions and the strengths of SunGard. Everything seems to be pointing to a very good evolution for the company. We have to be sensitive about what we can share right now under SEC regulations, but from the employee call and the customer call and the information we have seen so far, I think the investors are clearly seeing this acquisition as a growth opportunity.

Silver Lake has distinguished itself as a private equity firm that takes companies and builds them into market leaders in specific sectors. It invests in companies because it views them as hallmark companies in their fields, like Ameritrade and Business Objects.

SunGard is the biggest tech company that you never heard of. I think the investors understand its potential. Do you expect the buyout to affect the way SunGard is organized and managed?

I think SunGard will be able to deliver a more unified and positive experience for the customer. SunGard will now be able to operate as a more cohesive whole and pull those assets together.

The accounting associated with doing that is more complicated for a public company. Certainly, it will be easier now to make some changes in the way SunGard operates.

Public statements about the acquisition have stressed the goal of long-term growth. What kind of growth can we expect to see in the higher education side of SunGard? Recently, there has been an evolution and transformation of SCT strategy, even before the acquisition by SunGard.Nov 02,  · Zyme partnered with Sungard AS to move their current IT infrastructure to the cloud for increased availability, scalability and agility- exactly what their g.

A Command Demand Case Study: SunGard Availability Services A leading provider of recovery services including IT infrastructure, managed services, consulting and software. • Limited procurement resources are stretched thin and focused on strategic initiatives.

SunGard: Job Ref No: JR Job Title: Intern (Summer ) (Risk Management) Documents risk analysis and controls and evaluates control design and continuous control improvement. All reasonable accommodation requests will be reviewed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

SunGard Availability Services provides operations support to IT departments that need to keep mission critical information and applications up and running.

Sungard case analysis

They are focused on providing responsive disaster recovery, managed services, IT consulting and business continuity management software solutions to help organizations keep people and . SunGard is an American multinational company based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, which provides software and services to education, financial services, and p SunGard is an American multinational company based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, which provides software and services to education, financial services, and public sector organizations.

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