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These demands are often competing and raise the level of complexity in calibration. In the racing domain, the optimization requirements are usually higher and test efficiency is crucial. Whilst the number of variables to control are growing, the time to perform an engine optimization remains or is even shortened.

Sae international research papers

The challenging part is on achieving the stringent emission norms without compromising the engine fuel economy, performance and NVH factors. Selection of hardware and attaining an optimal behavior is therefore vital.

This article focuses on the evaluation of three different configuration of turbochargers for the same engine in order to meet the BS6 emission norms and performance.

The turbocharger samples used measure same compressor diameter with varying trim ratios. Simulation and testing of turbochargers ensured positive results for confirmation of the system. Parameters like pumping losses, low speed torque, smoke and compressor efficiency were evaluated and analyzed for all configurations.

Sae international research papers

The safe limits of surge and choke regions of all the compressors were also studied. Technical Paper Any change in vehicle external design affects the aerodynamic characteristics.

Generally different types of roof racks are attached on passenger vehicles to carry luggage which affects aerodynamic drag. The objective of this work is to perform aerodynamic analysis of SUV with roof rack to investigate the change in drag coefficient.

First, the aerodynamic analysis of baseline SUV model to perform with and without generic roof rack at 80 kmph. Further analysis is carried out with different new design of roof rack.

Based on simulation Sae international research papers a scaled down prototype model is fabricated and validated by using wind tunnel test for optimum suitable case. Aerodynamics, Passenger car, Drag coefficient, Roof rack, Fuel economy. Technical Paper Steering returnability while driving is one of the most important parameter which affects the drive pleasure and handling of a vehicle.

Steering returnability refers to the automatic returning response of the steering wheel after taking a full turn while vehicle is being steered during driving. Evaluating steering response characteristics of any vehicle in a virtual environment at early stage of a product development saves significant development time and cost.

Through this paper an attempt has been made to develop a methodology for selection of suspension hard points which influences steering returnability characteristics for any vehicle at early product design stage.

Conventionally, standard suspension kinematic parameters such as caster angle, king pin inclination KPIetc. Technical Paper Current Global Economic scenario is driven by high quality and innovative products and services available at lower cost.

Design to cost is a management strategy and supporting methodologies to achieve an affordable product by focusing on target cost as an independent design parameter that needs to be achieved with the development of a product.

Technical Paper One of the major impacts on tractor performance during cultivation is variation in the soil draft. The control strategy shall be developed to maintain the soil draft which mainly depends on the sensitivity and accuracy of draft measurement.

Sae international research papers

The main objective of this paper is to carry out the detailed study on draft force impact on tractor three point linkages when used with heavier and bigger implements and identifying an optimum point to measure the draft to increase the sensitivity of draft force measurement.

This paper presents the theoretical calculation of force on the lower link points of three point hitch system in tractor was calculated and selecting an optimum point for the fitment of draft sensor.

The force distribution on the lower and top link was studied by developing the suitable mechanical frame with hydraulic actuation to simulate the soil draft. Technical Paper Anti-lock braking system ABS is a well-known active safety technology widely used in cars.

In principle, ABS allows an optimum braking performance by not allowing the tire to slip beyond a certain level. This guarantees steering stability and peak braking performance of the tire. The rise in the number of accidents involving powered two-wheelers PTWs specially in south-east Asian countries like India has led to introduction of active safety solutions in order to mitigate the number of fatalities.

As the ABS controller depends on the tire characteristics information for its algorithm, a change in tire or pavement can vary the optimum operating range of ABS.

In addition to this, motorcycle tires differ from a car tire in terms of its construction, dimension and compound. Technical Paper Time-critical applications in automotive are distributed across multiple Electronic control units ECUs that are connected through different in-vehicle networks.

Currently CAN and Ethernet have their own synchronization mechanisms. In a mixed architecture, challenge is to synchronize nodes on different protocols connected via gateway.

This paper describes how time gateway can be configured for synchronizing nodes on CAN and Ethernet Networks. The outcome of the method is to measure accuracy of synchronization between two nodes. Technical Paper A duplex 3-phase 6-phase with 2 star-points eMachine and associated inverter, including the development of the control algorithm, for a P2 hybrid vehicle was developed.

The requirements, relating to power and duty cycle, flow down from the vehicle to the eMachine: The focus on low cost, compact solutions runs through the work. The inverter is rated at 25kW to drive an interior permanent magnet eMachine, supplied by a 48V dc-link.

The focus of the work presented in this paper is the inverter controller development and powertrain sizing.SAE International is a global association of more than , engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries.

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What is SAE International? The ultimate knowledge source for mobility engineering, the Society for Automotive Engineering is a global professional organization that has been fostering worldwide collaboration to advance transportation technology since Through this paper an attempt has been made to develop a methodology for selection of suspension hard points which influences steering returnability characteristics for any vehicle at early product design stage.

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