Rcm business plan ppt presentations

Pricing is dependent on location and may vary. This course shows how to maintain manufacturing systems in relation to scheduling, production, process control, and delivery constraints; 2-Day Seminar.

Rcm business plan ppt presentations

It will also provide an average daily global re-look capability in medium 50 m resolution mode. Most of the applications considered require re-look at least daily and an exact revisit once to twice weekly interferometric change detection applications.

The very frequent re-look capability is critical to certain disaster management applications. The timelines and data latency requirement is highly variable according to the application area. For many ecosystem monitoring applications, data delivered several days or in some cases several weeks later may be sufficient.

However, maritime surveillance and disaster monitoring have much more demanding timeliness requirements.

rcm business plan ppt presentations

For ship detection in Canadian and adjacent waters within Canadian ground station masks, RCM will provide 10 minute data latency from acquisition to delivery of data, and 30 minutes for other maritime surveillance applications.

For global and Canadian disaster management applications, the Constellation will provide 2 hour data latency from downlink to data delivery, and for ecosystem monitoring applications, 24 hour data latency from downlink to data delivery will be provided.

RCM daily world access image credit: Three satellite average daily coverage of Canada image credit: RADARSAT data has proven to be a very cost-effective way of monitoring ice conditions to assure safe maritime navigation in the ice covered waters of the Arctic, the Great Lakes and the east coast of Canada.

The CIS charts the distribution of sea ice, lake ice, river ice and icebergs in the navigable ice-covered waters around North America. For sea ice, lake ice and river ice, the primary parameters of interest are ice concentration, stage of development and floe size.

These parameters can be measured effectively with ScanSAR wide-swath data at a resolution of m. Satellite SAR has proven to be an effective and efficient method of detecting and monitoring oil spills. Oil spills form films of various thicknesses on the ocean and sea surfaces which result in dark signatures called slicks on the SAR images.

The frequent revisit capability of RCM will offer enhanced potential to support oil spill control and cleansing. The main issue with flood monitoring is timing. Civil security needs a flood map every morning to use it.

Also knowledge of the terrain and water level evolution and predicted precipitation would help to mitigate risk and to issue warning. These pilots ensure that satellite data are integrated into existing and planned systems and are used with a view to maximize benefits.

RCM will likely contribute to the Hurricane Watch program by providing daily global coverage of the storms from space. Its capability to image in VV will benefit the hurricane's application because available wind retrieval models are best developed for this particular polarization. RCM SAR data can provide high-resolution imagery of earthquake-prone areas, high-resolution topographic data, and a high-resolution map of co-seismic deformation generated by an earthquake as well as monitoring of infrastructure.

RCM will be able to provide interferometric pair of data every four days in between the three satellites maintained on a very tight orbit on a 12 day orbital cycle. Their aim is to ensure easy access to Earth science data in order to promote their use and to advance scientific research, ultimately helping to reduce the loss of life from natural hazards.

SAR data collected over long periods to perform interferometric analysis can be used for a range of pre- and post-seismic event applications pertaining to vulnerable or damaged infrastructure.

However, in the next phase, a new approach is being employed which focuses on the use of low-cost small satellites flying in a constellation configuration.

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The overall objective is to ensure C-band data continuity beyond RADARSAT-2 and to provide SAR imagery for operational applications such as maritime surveillance ship detection, sea ice cover mapping, coastal monitoringdisaster management, and environmental monitoring oil spills, ocean winds and wave heights.

In addition, the global land surface observation services for the SAR user community are to be continued to permit change detection monitoring of areas affected by geo-hazards, climate change related processes, and man-made activities.

rcm business plan ppt presentations

The current concept involves three satellites with an option of flying up to six spacecraft.Job Designation: General Manager - Technical Marketing: Brief Role: Conceptualizing strategic product marketing plans Technical proposal making for the project Liaising with designers & consultants on technical specifications & preparation of drawings Formulating Business plan, sales strategies for All India region and implementing them Extensive travelling throughout the country.

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After executing in-house BIM Pilot Projects and coordinating with PWBL on their facility maintenance database requirements (MAXIMO), NAVFAC developed a phased plan to incorporate BIM to acquire Facility Electronic Operation and Maintenance Support Information (eOMSI), see Figure 1.

Checking Best Practices for Preventive Maintenance. Test: Ask the plant manager, maintenance manager, and operations manager for the PM improvement plan. If there is one, is it specific with timelines? For example: “Lubrication storage improvement complete by September ” Integrating a Smart RCM Approach in Developing/Optimizing.

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