Picture to write a poem about greece

Hire Writer Each line seems to end with an extra syllable which gives the impression of being unaccented however, it seem that iambic pentameter was not the intentions of how Frost wanted this poem to be read. The meaning Frost wanted to portray was that in which he was certainly capable of writing a poem with an ample vision and of classical meter.

Picture to write a poem about greece

This first post is project ideas for the geography of Ancient Greece. In any case, thanks for reading! Let me hear from you in the comments because it helps me know my post was helpful or not.

Imagine you are a traveler in Ancient Greece. Make recommendations to your fellow traveler on things he or she could do to make the journey easier. Imagine you are trying to persuade the leaders of Greek city-states to come together and pay for public projects that would help make life in Ancient Greece better for all people.

Brainstorm a list of these projects. Pick a physical geographical feature of Ancient Greece. Write a report or speech about that feature. One option would be to use the 5 Themes of Geography as a framework. Read an Ancient Greek myth. Describe how the geography of the places in the story affected the story.

Do the think the storyteller or author of the myth considered geography when they told or wrote the myth? Pick an event in Ancient Greek history. Read about the event.

How did geography affect the event? Consider changing the geography and rewriting the event. How would it change? Make the characters in your play different geographical features of Greece and see what happens.

For example, how would the Aegean Sea interact in a play with a particular island? What would they say to each other? What would they do together? How could they work together to solve a problem?

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Write a Top Ten List or top seven, five, three, whatever Focus your list on geography. For each item on the list, write a short description of it and why it made the top ten. Write a series of tweets about the geography of Ancient Greece.

Remember, only characters, including spaces and skipped lines! Tweets can be from real ancient Greek people or made up. They must squeeze a few through at a time.

Make sure to give your teacher an English copy also Label a blank map of Greece and the Aegean but write the names using the Greek alphabet. Illustrate it with cartoon-like characters showing people, events, etc. Create a comic book or comic strip about the geography of Greece.

Make up a hero - or I suppose you could use Hercules The story line of your comic should have the hero interacting in some way with the geography. Make a 3D Map of Greece. Make it in Word!

Make it in Minecraft! Make it out of pasta or some other material! Create a poster, drawing, painting, etc. Create a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other presentation. Make a memory card game. You could make the matching cards the same pictureHomer's ancestry can be traced from Odyssey.

He was the son of Epikaste and Telemachus. Born around 8th - 9th century B.C.

picture to write a poem about greece

he was said to be a court singer and a story teller. Dates back to: Ancient Greece. Write about yourself, friends, family, someone dead, alive, or even imagined! A great poem loves a great picture (especially on grupobittia.com). Draw a picture, take a photo on your phone, or find one online that could go with your poem.

picture to write a poem about greece

Greek Poetry on Photo This Greek Poetry on Photo app allows you to write Greek on pictures. Write your own shayari, poetry, message, status etc on pictures and share them with your friends.

This Greek Poetry on Photo app has a full and easy to use and to write romantic, quotes, dialogs, jokes or status on pictures.

An Odyssey poem tablet found in Greece engraved with 13 verses of the ancient work is possibly the earliest-recorded trace of the epic poem, the culture ministry said Tuesday.

The clay slab is believed to date back to the third century, during the Roman era. "If this date is confirmed, the tablet. See more I Can: I Can Write a Poem by Patty Carratello Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or grupobittia.com Rating: % positive.

Apr 11,  · Here is a classic picture of one facet of the multi-faceted jewel that is Lyric Poetry. Formally, the lyric poem is recognized as beginning with the Greeks, but its true origins likely run all the way back to the earliest days of mankind when we first discovered the power of rhythm and rhyme-infused words for preserving our history and grupobittia.coms:

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