Jitender akkari assignment 4 carsales

Teacher ENG October 29, Jitender akkari assignment Buying and selling cars Is a very easy task now with the developed websites for car direct shop sales. In Australia lot of people prefer to buy or sell their cars in car sales websites.

Jitender akkari assignment 4 carsales

Kodanadu Tea Estate; The further case of the prosecution is that during the check period i. No income-tax returns were filed by these firms. No assessment for commercial tax has also been done with respect to the business of these firms. A1 also did not file her Income-tax returns for the assessment years to till November, and when this issue was sought to be raised in Parliament, A1 filed the income-tax returns for the above period in November, Scrutiny of various bank accounts maintained in the names of A1 to A4 and in the names of the above firms disclosed that huge credits in cash had been frequently made into various accounts which were not commensurate with the income of the individuals and of the firms concerned.

There were frequent transfers of amounts between one account to the others to facilitate illegal acquisition of assets. The huge quantum of such assets, when viewed in the context that A1 was holding the office of the Chief Minister and that A2, A3 and A4 were living under the same roof with A1 and not having sufficient means to acquire the assets in their names, established that the assets were actually acquired by A1.

It is further alleged that, pursuant to the criminal conspiracy between A1, a public servant and her associates viz. According to the prosecution, the income from the known sources of A1 during this period, such as rental income, interest derived from various bank deposits and other deposits held by her in her name and in the names of A2, A3 and A4, agricultural income, loans and the salary received by her as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, worked out to a total of Rs.

Jitender akkari assignment 4 carsales

Thus, as on The said complaint was registered as Crl. Pursuant to the said order, PW — Smt. Letika Saran, a senior IPS Officer, took up the investigation, collected records and documents from various sources.

Jitender akkari assignment 4 carsales

During investigation, after conducting search of the residential premises of A1 and various other locations, the Investigating Officer found several incriminating materials and voluminous documents were seized and statements of a large number of witnesses were recorded.

The incriminating evidence collected during such investigation disclosed the complicity of A2 to A4 in the alleged offence. Hence, an application was filed before the Special Judge on On completion of such investigation, PW Shri Nallamma Naidu laid the charges against all the accused on 4.

The ball was set into motion and following charges were framed by the Special Judge, Chennai: The charges were denied by the accused persons.

During the pendency of the trial, the D. Subsequent thereto evidence was recorded from time to time. Thereafter, steps were taken under Section Cr.

So far as A1 was concerned, she was permitted to answer a questionnaire which was delivered to her with a direction to answer it on A2 to A4 were also questioned as per Section Cr. Thereafter, defence witnesses were examined. Thereafter, by its judgment dated Thereafter, the said matter bearing Spl.

The accused were called upon to examine their witnesses and subsequently 99 witnesses were produced before the Court and concluded their evidence. Narration of all eventful factual interventions has been avoided being not decisively essential for the adjudication.Jan 22,  · She is the first child of Harry Chan, a used car salesman, and Patricia (née Tilly), a Canadian schoolteacher and former stage actress.

Her father was of Chinese descent and her mother was of Irish, First Nations and Finnish ancestry.

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