Essays on hiring me

May 24, Triple-Entry Accounting Accounting practices today are based on the double-entry method.

Essays on hiring me

The higher the quality of the people coming in to your interviewing process, the higher the quality Essays on hiring me those that will come out of it.

Therefore recruiting is likely far more important than your interviewing skills.

Essays on hiring me

Do not rely on HR or anyone to recruit for you. The more energy you, as a hiring manager, invest in recruiting, the better your results will be.

An organization that recruits well, but has average interviewing skills, might just be better off than a company that interviews well, but recruits poorly. There are many ways to improve candidate quality: The three basic things to consider are these.

Deceiving people into making your organization seem different than it is rarely works: Make sure you are investing energy harvesting leads from your networks in your industry. Ask people you trust or who have connections and perhaps owe you favors to find people for you. One major reason for managers to attend conferences and participate in professional organizations is to help them build and maintain networks that come in handy when looking to hire.

There is no law that says job descriptions must pervert the English language into clinical, jargon filled, oxymoronic verbiage. Good job postings read like an actual human being wrote them. They have a voice and a point of view. They express something of the personality of the organization, or the hiring manager, which are all good things to do if you want to attract good, creative, smart candidates.

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Generic, formulaic, cheesy, HR-speak, job postings will tend to attract generic, formulaic, cheesy candidates. How to use 60 minutes: Your task, and the task of others in your organization, is to use your 60 minutes with the candidate in the best way possible.

If they get a bad start because you made them uncomfortable or defensive, you will never see their potential. Be nice at the beginning — you can always get more confrontational as things go. Ask them something from their resume — if they have a website, walk through it and ask them questions.

Or ask them to pick one cool thing from their resume and describe it to you. Help them to dominate the conversation, get comfortable, and get their energy up. Try to spend only minutes here, unless you hit on something interesting. Frame it as working together — Will the job involve solving problems with other people?

A brilliant rock star programmer, who can only work in complete isolation, is probably less valuable in the long run than a good programmer who adds value to the work of everyone he gets in a room with. Being smart is rarely enough on many teams: Include in the set-up for problems something about how the candidate will be working with you on some project.

How would you start? Get ready to keep your mouth shut — The more time you spend talking, the less time they spend demonstrating their talent. It may be ok to be chatty and tell stories, just have a reason for it. Keeping score There is no sense interviewing candidates if you are not clear on what you are looking for.

How to Interview and Hire People | Scott Berkun

Put these in two piles: Hiring criteria will help you to sort out what the strengths and weakness of a candidate are, help people on the interview list to discuss their opinions, and evaluate if there are other opportunities in your organization that they might be better fits for.

Interview loops are time expensive: Anyone that gets into the interview loop should be starting from about the same score. This not only places a burden on the candidate: You must make sure that you are doing everything in your power to seek out the talents the candidate has.

This is the only attitude that maximizes your chances for making a good hiring decision. You do not need to be confrontational or terse to give a tough interview. On the contrary, it should be the quality of the challenges you give the candidate, and not your demeanor, that makes the interview tough.

This can be for managers, programmers, designers, whatever. Of course, other important traits are communication skills, conviction, intellect, passion, sense of humor, integrity, working style, maturity, and experience.By Scott Berkun, Sept.

[Note: since I wrote this my opinion of interviews has changed. Also see Why Job Interviews Are Flawed]. Before you worry about interviewing, consider this: good interviewing does not make a good candidate out of a bad one. Buy custom essay online service – Buy custom essays from vetted experts.

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Essays on hiring me

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