Emerging themes

Everyone is working on innovation, but how can we ensure we do it well? What can we learn from creatives, designers and technologists?

Emerging themes

These are just a few of the emerging themes that are highlighted in this special report on the retail sector. Malls—becoming one with the community Shopping malls and retail centers have long been the de facto social gathering place for their communities, especially in suburban and rural towns.

People come Emerging themes shop at the stores, eat at the restaurants, be entertained at the movie theaters, and gather in the common areas. This long-standing notion still rings true today, but the stakes have been raised.

The latest generation of shopping malls and lifestyle centers takes community integration to a whole new level. Retail developers are trying to create destinations that have a unique sense of place and authenticity.

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In addition to dozens of high-end retail stores and restaurants, the acre main street incorporates a new civic building that houses a performing arts theater, museum, Emerging themes library. Retailers get increased patron traffic, community tenants get favorable and often subsidized lease rates, and developers get a boost to the bottom line through faster lease-up, speedy permitting, tax reductions, and, in some cases, expanded development rights.

New York, for instance, offers increased floor area ratio FAR for developments that incorporate community facilities, such as museums, galleries, and theaters. Simple features like open green space, ponds that double as ice skating rinks, and outdoor plazas are all common approaches that developers are employing to create genuine destinations for the community.

The developer, the real estate arm of Ford Motor Emerging themes. Retail developers—finally seeing the green As of September, fewer than retail projects in the U. But the next wave of developments may signal a turning point for the retail sector by pushing green retailing to a new level.

The three-phase, one-million-sf power center is constructed atop a acre industrial waste site owned by Ford Motor Co. The first phase, which encompassessf of retail space, was developed by Archon Group, Irving, Texas, with Ford Land acting as the sustainable consultant.

Building features include cool roofs, low-flow plumbing fixtures, high-efficiency windows, and high R-value insulation. Ford will develop the second and third phases, as well as the park and walking trails.

Several parcels in phase one and two were purchased individually by big-box retailers, including Target, Home Depot, and Meijer. Gaudette says Ford Land is also using the development to experiment with new sustainable approaches, such as the use of green porous pavers in the parking lots. The ,sf main street, which opened in late October, is LEED-CS Silver rated, with green features like cool roofs, photovoltaics, high-performance windows, daylight harvesting, and high-efficiency irrigation.

In addition, the developer created a LEED-like scorecard with 51 points to encourage tenants to further green their interior spaces with features like high-efficiency lighting, low-VOC paint, and recyclable materials. McKay says the implementation of technologies like radio frequency identification RFID tags will allow retailers to make a more personal and data-rich connection with shoppers.

Outdoor apparel company Nau Inc. Yolles says the idea is to stock just enough product in the store to entice shoppers to enter and try on the wares, but then encourage them to make the final purchase online, where the margins are better.

Clearly, it is far less likely that online retailers like Amazon will open a retail store than a traditional retailer will integrate e-commerce. For one thing, smaller inventories and downsized showrooms mean smaller store footprints. As a result, Yolles says the company will save a bundle on rent, utilities, staffing, and up-front construction costs.

It also means that Building Teams might need to rethink how retail developments are designed. Stores that are designed primarily to warehouse and display products are very different from those that are designed primarily as showrooms.

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Seifer says companies like Nau are essentially reinventing the idea of the showroom for the digital retail age. So rather than paying top dollar to stock the full inventory in the store, the store simply becomes a showroom.

Deconstructing the food court The days of the plastic forks, plastic trays, and plastic food are over. Retail dining must also offer a variety of experiences to the customer. Center includes a new, skylit food court situated around a rustic stone fireplace, leather couches, and coffee tables.

The firm is also using more carpet, lower ceilings, and upholstered furniture instead of hard surfaces to reduce noise levels. Garden says developers like Los Angeles-based Westfield Group are getting away from the continuous string of counter-fronts.

Instead, tenants are being grouped into clusters of two or three vendors, each surrounded by pods of seating.The Emerging Innovation Summit (EIS'18) brings together the creativity, design, technology and business innovators from around the globe.

Emerging themes

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Dedicated to Emerging Markets. Ashmore is a specialist Emerging Markets investment manager with over twenty-five years' experience in these markets. When you look at the nexus of forces impacting business today we can clearly see momentum building. Each of the themes noted below is already happening, albeit at varying stages, in businesses across the globe.

The continued innovation and speed of technology, coupled with the rise of millennials.

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