Electronic textbooks

Terminology[ edit ] A woman reading an e-book on an e-reader. E-books are also referred to as "ebooks", "eBooks", "Ebooks", "e-Books", "e-journals", "e-editions" or as "digital books".

Electronic textbooks

Pronunciation Electronic textbooks Pronunciation Power focuses specifically on correct pronunciation of the American English accent and is ideal for self-learners and language labs. This software is the premium accent reduction software and recommended for all English training programs.

Speak To Me is intended primarily for self-study use, but small classrooms may also use Speak To Me with great effectiveness. Speak To Me is a professional quality production and the methodologies are sound and complete.

It is the best DVD course we have ever seen for beginning to intermediate learners of English. The entire course includes 9 DVDs English only in 3 sets with corresponding workbooks in the language of the student.

Electronic textbooks

Voyager provides a solid foundation of balanced instruction to ensure success and keeps students involved in every lesson. Voyager provides teacher support throughout and meets accountability standards.

The best-selling nine-level program combines a contemporary theme-based approach with the best elements from traditional direct instruction. Azar series now has three distinct product lines - Basic, Fundamental and Advanced levels, which are listed below as Links for easy reference.MackinVIA is a complete eResource management system providing easy access to eBooks and educational databases.

With just one login, users can view, utilize, and manage all of their eResources. Do You Have a Rental to Return?

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Visit the Manage Textbooks Rentals page to print your free shipping label and packing slip and to find a UPS drop-off location. Select a course after choosing a department Select a section after choosing a course No Courses Selected! Side by Side. Side by Side (3rd Edition) is a new and improved version of this dynamic, all-skills program that integrates conversation practice, reading, writing and listening - all in a light-hearted, fun, and easy-to-use format that has been embraced by students and teachers worldwide.

Welcome to Learning Electronics! This site provides a series of online textbooks covering electricity and electronics.

Electronic textbooks

The information provided is great for both students and hobbyists who are looking to expand their knowledge in this field. Students can save up to 80% with eTextbooks from VitalSource, the leading provider of online textbooks and course materials.

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