Direct seeding literature review

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Direct seeding literature review

Oct 04, Abstract Purpose: WOM strongly impacts consumer behavioral attitudes. Tie strength, stickiness, loyalty, monetary influence can moderate the WOM influence. Researchers have already shown the growing influence of WOM and it has been recognized by the marketers to be a highly credible form of marketing information [ 1 ].

As evident from the BCG report [ 2 ], referrals and recommendations from friends, colleagues or other consumers can go beyond everything else. Similarly Liu [ 5 ] suggested that online movie reviews can significantly explain box-office revenue.

Organizations are taking WOM seriously as it can affect the businesses both positively and negatively [ 6 ]. At times, it is more effective than the traditional marketing tools of personal selling and various types of advertising [ 1213 ].

In particular, customers pay more attention to WOM among the other various modes of marketing as it is perceived to be credible and custom-tailored and generated by people who are perceived as having no Direct seeding literature review in pushing a product [ 14 ]. Overall, it is a necessity to understand where the current research stands on WOM and where it is heading.

In this article, we aim to provide a detailed understanding of the following objectives: We have produced the existing work on WOM by various researchers covering a span of 14 years from till This will provide a fair idea about the direction in which way the research on WOM is heading.

Few models which were proposed by earlier researchers have been shown here for better understanding. This study aimed to extent the theory of reasoned action TRA model by including positive and negative WOM and emotion.

It also investigated the mediating role of emotion for WOM and social norm. The model tested was as below Figure 1. Mediating role of emotion for WOM and social norm. For the study interviews were conducted for respondents in Denmark who were between the ages of years and the data were analyzed using the PLS SEM models as the model is suited for exploratory research like this.

The findings showed positive WOM significantly influenced the behavioral attitude and intention and negative WOM only slightly impacted the behavioral intention. The interesting finding is the total effect of positive WOM exceeded 2 times the effect of social norms on behavioral attitude and intention.

The results showed that emotion was a mediator for both WOM and social norm. The limitation for this paper was the study of one brand from industry. Future research could concentrate on other industries. Also, it would be interesting to look into the tie strength for the preferred WOM sources or impact of other factors like involvement, expertise, credibility and demographic homophily.

New moderators like awareness and complexity of the decision could also be included. In the next paper, that we review the researchers Coulter and Roggeveen [ 22 ] studied how consumers responded to WOM communications in the online social network platforms.

They examined how the source, channel and message content affect the consumer response to WOM communication in the social media context.

The two most used online social media platform i.

Direct seeding literature review

Facebook and Twitter were used for the study. Data were collected using two surveys which the participants to respond regarding a product page suggestion in those two social media sites. Results showed that consistent with other WOM investigations, source credibility expertise significantly determines the effectiveness of a persuasive communication.

Direct seeding literature review

The product page appeared to be the most important driver to motive customers for online WOM. Thus the marketers were suggested to maintain a strong product page.

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The important finding was if the consumers were able to communicate with the source directly, then the impact of the closeness diminished. However, the opposite was also true.

Thus for the marketers, they could follow the followers of their followers to have a bi-directional conversation. Regarding credibility, as the credibility of the product page increased, the consumers were more likely to seek more info about the product.

The study also revealed relationship between member number and product page viewing. The more the number of likes in Facebook or the number of followers in Twitter the more chances were that the consumers will seek product info as the credibility goes up. This was because the network closeness is a function of normative influence.

As a limitation, this study focused on only a type of product.International Journal of Biomaterials is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles on the theory, design, engineering, fabrication, and implementation of devices for therapeutic or diagnostic use in biological systems.

CASE REPORTS From the Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society Clostridium septicum aortitis: Report of two cases and review of the literature Christopher W. Seder, MD,a Michael Kramer, BS, bGraham Long, MD, Maciej R. Uzieblo, MD,b Charles J. Shanley, MD,b and Paul Bove, MD,b Royal Oak, Mich Clostridium septicum aortitis is a rare infection that has a strong association with occult colonic .

Red oak (Quercus rubra L.) acorn collection, nursery culture and direct seeding: a literature review. The objective of this study is to review the effectiveness of the direct-seeding technique in forest restoration practices in terms of both the seed germination and success probabilities in various ecosystems using a meta-analysis.

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Hematogenous Osteomyelitis by Acinetobacter Baumannii: Case Report and Literature Review