An analysis of postmaterialism in silent revolution by ronald inglehart

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An analysis of postmaterialism in silent revolution by ronald inglehart

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An analysis of postmaterialism in silent revolution by ronald inglehart

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Protest and Political Consciousness. The Limits to Growth. Nelkin, Dorothy and Pollak, Michael Extraparliamentary Dissent in France and Germany.Ronald Inglehart (, , , , ; Inglehart and Abramson, ) has introduced a measure of the extent to whic h a society adheres to “post-modern” (i.e.

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postmaterialism In postmaterialism social scientist Ronald Inglehart in The Silent Revolution: Changing Values and Political Styles Among Western Publics ().

Post-materialism’s ‘‘silent revolution’’ in consumer research C. McLarney Assistant Professor, College of Business, Illinois State University, Normal. Ronald Inglehart argues that economic development, cultural change, and political change go together in coherent and even, to some extent, predictable patterns.

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This is a controversial claim. It implies that some trajectories of socioeconomic change are more likely than others--and consequently that certain changes are foreseeable. The silent counter-revolution Inglehart’s thesis of the silent revolution (Inglehart, ) focuses on value system towards a steady and progressive increase of postmaterialism.

An analysis of postmaterialism in silent revolution by ronald inglehart
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