Africana studies

There are five major African initiation rites which are fundamental to human growth and development.

Africana studies

Africana studies Studies Majors and Minors Africana Studies The Department of Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary program rooted in a social, historical, and cultural context that seeks to introduce students to perspectives about the people of the African Diaspora that are not usually covered in traditional departments.

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Its curriculum helps students examine, analyze, and interpret critically the historical and contemporary experiences of black women and men in North America, Africa, and the Caribbean. For more than 30 years, Africana Studies courses have helped prepare Wooster graduates to succeed in a multicultural world.

Africana studies concentrators can choose interdisciplinary courses on topics ranging from Black Nationalism to the Black religious experience to Africana art to the history of African Americans. The Department of Africana Studies cooperates with other college programs and departments and sponsors special campus events throughout the academic year.

The department conducts the Africana Studies Seminar, which brings to campus distinguished scholars and civil activists to speak on topics related to Africa and the African Diaspora. Lecture by Edward Gilbert Monday, April 25, at 6 p. After receiving his B.


He is also the author of Swallowing Nickels, a memoir of his childhood in the welfare system.Welcome to Africana Studies The minor in Africana studies broadens students' world perspectives by enhancing their acquaintance with and understanding of the peoples, issues of identities and institutions of Africa as well .

Join us in celebrating the dawn of our discipline and on the eve of 50th anniversary of the first department of Black/Africana Studies on a four-year university campus.

Check our calendar and social media for programs and events.

Africana studies

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The Africana Studies Program at EWU is committed to student success. As such, Africana Studies provides students with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that allows students to critically explore, analyze and interpret the experience of African Americans in particular, and other people of African descent in general.

Africana studies

The University of Michigan Annual Fund, also known as the Presidents Fund, helps to shape U-M today and tomorrow by providing critical funds used by University leadership to meet the most pressing needs of the University and its students. A degree in Africana Studies can lead you almost anywhere — from education, community organizing or public administration to government, business, museum work or .


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Tracey L. Walters is Associate Professor of Literature and Chair of the Department of Africana Studies at Stony Brook University where she also holds an affiliate appointment with the Department of English and Comparative Literature.


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