A look at various methods used in torture

The inventors of torture devices have somehow managed to be more creative in their approach. Look at these 27 brutal torture techniques in the history of mankind and tell us what you think about them.

A look at various methods used in torture

The mechanism of this device was relatively simple compared to more sophisticated torture devices of the medieval times.

A look at various methods used in torture

It was nonetheless very painful and at the very least, the limbs of the victim could be dislocated. The device is well known because of being extensively used during the Spanish Inquisition.

Variants of the Strappado There were three main variants of the Strappado torture device. The rope is then passed over a pulley and the victim is hung up by their the arms.

This could cause dislocation of the limbs and other kinds of physical injury. In the second kind of Strappado torture device, the victim was released at intervals only to be stopped suddenly in mid-air, thus increasing the intensity of the torture.

Finally, in the third kind, a weight could be added to the feet of the victim, once again increasing the intensity of the torture. Strappado torture devices were commonly used during the Spanish Inquisition Period of the Strappado The Strappado torture device was used during different periods of medieval times.

It was particularly prevalent during the era of Spanish Inquisition when a variety of torture devices were used to extract confessions from supposed heretics and witches. The device itself was also used after the medieval times in some instances.

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How did the Strappado Work? The mechanism of Strappado torture device was simple, the hands of the victim were tied behind their back and then the victim was hung using a pulley. This resulted in a very painful position in which the limbs could be dislocated and muscles and nerves damaged.

Torture could be increased by tying weights to the feet of the victim. The Strappado torture device was invented by the medieval Church during the institution of Inquisition, although the exact name of the inventor is not known. It is part of the torture devices specifically designed and built for Inquisition.

Man being suspended by his wrists on a strappado type torture device How was a Strappado Made? The Strappado torture device was relatively easier to make compared to some other torture devices of the medieval times.

Its main components included a pulley over which a rope tied to the hands of the victim was passed over a beam, or a hook on the roof. Various things could be attached as an additional weight to the feet of the victim.

Injuries caused by Strappado Various injuries could be caused by Strappado torture device. The most obvious one was the dislocation of the limbs and joints.

Other than that, it could cause long-term damage to the nerves and muscles. Additionally, it could also result in paralysis or loss of sensation in the arms. Strappado Summary The Strappado torture device was a commonly used device during the medieval times which was used to extract information out of supposed heretics, witches, and other victims.

It was a relatively simple device in which the victim was hung from his or her hands tied to a rope. Weight could be attached to the feet of the victim to increase the intensity of torture.Oct 19,  · China really hates the practitioners of Falun Gong, a sort of spiritual discipline first introduced in Since the beginning, many Falun Gong followers have been brutally punished.

One form of torture used on them is a device called the tiger bench. This works by placing a prisoner on a long bench, with a board against their back and head.

The most preferred torture technique in the Middle Ages was known as coffin torture. This method involved placing the victim inside a metal cage roughly the size of the human body; hence the name.

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The torturers also forced overweight victims into smaller cages to heighten their discomfort as they hung from a tree or gallows. The book also discusses the most common forms of torture among them beatings, electric shocks, hanging a person by the limbs, mock executions and forms of sexual assault, especially rape.

In addition to Amnesty International's list, we'll also look at five common forms of torture cited by the Boston. Allegations of this torture method have arisen around the world in the last century at various times. The name of the method doesn’t leave much to the imagination and .

Electric shock torture methods haven't been around as long as many other widely used methods -- humans didn't figure out how to harness electricity until the late 19th century.

A look at various methods used in torture

Once established, however, electricity soon came into use as a method of torture. These torture devices were devices used in the Middle Ages or early modern period to cause pain, injury, and sometimes death, usually to extract information or a confession from criminals or prisoners, also as punishment for crimes.

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