A discussion on the youtube channel the finebros

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A discussion on the youtube channel the finebros

There's a threefold version in "YouTubers React to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 Time " - not only does it come after the YouTubers reacting to the original, but the Fines bring up the fact that the kids also had their own session with it.

After Josh had to be muted to avoid spoilering Attack on Titan"Teens React to Mockingjay pt 1 " turns it into an Overly Long Gag due to the number of teens aware of that franchise by now. The whole thing actually started with "Teens React to Catching Fire", when Jade gave out numerous spoilers to the film.

She even lampshades that she was spoiling. Speaking of which, the one with "ME! Chelsea wears the same flannel shirt she wore on her debut during her final Teens episode before graduating to Adults.

Lia's "creeper" and Morgan's "Follow me, camera! Invoked one time with Morgan ignoring her no-longer-used, "Follow me, camera!

A discussion on the youtube channel the finebros

She yells out "Pig supreme! It's a dessert with a pig on top"which would fit all the requirements of a catchphrase apart from her using it only one other time.

In the same filming session, but shown in a different video, she shouts, "Very fantastic. Pig Supreme," when reacting to Talking Twin Babies.

In Elders React, Richard's "Kind of leaves you speechless, doesn't it. Tom has a slight one.

Rachel has a passing resemblance to Sibel Kekilli. Unsurprisingly, one of the most liked comment in that video is from someone saying that "she looks like Shae. A lot of fans in the comments section frequently brings up that Mikaela looks like Victoria Justice.

A lot of fans in the comments section frequently brings up that Jackson looks like Harry Styles. The flip-side happens during the "Try Not To Laugh or Grin Challenge" featuring the WWE superstars when a few of them have commented that one guy in the video they were watching looks a lot like their colleague Dean Ambrose.

Majority of the YouTubers cast were covered by the Kids, Teens, and even the Elders long before their proper debut on the show.

Some were even covered before the creation of YouTubers React. Jourdan frequently brings up his twin brother during his stint on Teens. By the time he returns to the series as part of the Adults cast, said twin brother, Jeremy, shows up with him as a reactor himself. Benny Fine reveals that he met Sabrina D.

If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page It is really useless. Like, really. What happened to FineBros and Spotligt deserve an article and a subsection respectively, not arrows. They have the fastest growing subscriber count of any YouTube channel in the top Clbsfn , There is also a React YouTube channel as the current home for Kids, Teens, and Elders React's bonus videos, "Teens React To Jonah Hill Controversy" is a very serious discussion about this trope, mostly regarding slang terms for LGBT. During his reaction to his (Kids). I saw the Takedown notices myself, specifically noting it was the FineBros who took them down. I watched how quickly that channel seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth. It was was the worst kind of fuckery, and I'm glad the FineBros have finally shown the world what scumbugs they really are. That used to be a fact only a few people.

Quite a number of reactors are very theatrical. Morgan, every now and then. Justified since she's five years old at the beginning of the series. In recent days she's been growing out of that, or at least she's better at expressing it Dylan also started out as being a bit of this, but then later he started showing his own hidden depths Royel and Emma R.

Sadly Emma's been growing out of it, but Maksim who's ten now! Or the Golden Gay Bridge? I don't wanna go there, but I have to, because I wanna marry someone I like, that's not right. Newcomer Laura can seem a bit The shows' thumbnails on YouTube ; a yellow background for Kids, cyan for Teens, grey for Elders, turquoise for Adults, and fittingly, red for YouTubers.

The React channel takes this a little further, with the Gaming videos getting a pixelated version of whichever background that group Kids, Teens and Elders normally gets, and Kids vs Food has the usual yellow back but with a brick pattern.React (sometimes stylized in all caps as REACT) is a media franchise used by the Fine Brothers consisting of several online series centering on a group of individuals reacting to viral videos, trends, video games, film trailers, or music videos.

React was also the first react channel on YouTube. Abyste mě trochu znali tak se podívejte na toto video. Můj Facebook: ferdag Tak čau \ferdag Show less. Although the channel suffered for quite a while, things seem to have gone back to normal, since they ultimately issued an apology and have cancelled plans for "React World".

All main React episodes can be found on Fine Brothers Entertainment's YouTube channel here. Feb 01,  · Finebros on youtube commiting channel suicide.

First link is a stream on Youtube that shows their sub count dropping in real time Second video is their announcement (The dislike to like ratio). Welcome to /r/YouTube, a community for the intelligent discussion of YouTube, its announcements, features, bugs, design, channels, and trends.

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